ALL 4x4 team wins and seals the title

The village of Baião was on September 18, the capital of 4x4 GPS challenge where took place fifth event of the Portugal Tracking Challenge. With this offer most participants chosen to make the verifications on that day and after that they all went for a seeingsigth tour through the beautiful village of Baião

All the participants were very pleased and at 10:00 am on Saturday everything was ready to kick off a day full of adventure and cross country driving.

The natural resources of rare beauty of the county of Baião, such as the Serra da Aboboreira, Serra do Marão, Serra do Castelo de Matos and Douro, Teixeira and Ovil rivers, were the setting where participants gave their best to find the maximum of the waypoints (created by José Magalhães). Two of the teams were able to locate and validate 64 of the 70 available points.

The race was very disputed and the first 7 teams were separated by only 3 waypoints. In this way, the score of each waypoint, the speed penalties and the tiebreaker criteria made the difference and allowed us to establish and order the overall classification.

The fires that occurred this summer were very present and everyone expressed their sadness.The cross country is a way to put us very close to nature and no one is indifferent to this cruel reality...the continuous destruction of our beautiful forest!


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