Vila da Benedita hosted the 3rd event of the Portugal Tracking Challenge. 26 teams participated in this great weekend of a GPS challenge.

On May 26 and 27, the Benedita fire station was the base for the check in and departure of the 2 legs of the GPS Challenge. The company Santos Silva was the responsable for the organization of this successful event.

On Saturday the leg with 57 waypoints and 7 hours duration spread over 3 maps of 1: 25000 were the stage for many kms of driving and navigation. The ALL 4x4 team was undoubtedly the great winner, because total points acheived were reaching 9900 points (6000 waypoint points and 3900 bonus points from the strategies). In 2nd and 3rd were respectively the Braga TT team and 4Rodas / Duomaquete team with 9400 and 9200 points.

Very well done Santos Silva for the great organization! Excellent meals, 5 star routes and waypoints and a big thank you for all the sympathy and goodwill of the Canario and Augusto Lopes.


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