The Portugal Tracking Challenge started

The first of the six legs took part in Soure.

At this leg, to the difficulties of navigation plus the rain and strong winds, did not scare any of the 34 teams that lined up at the start. However, it made the effort necessary for the driving to be quite different from the usual, since some roads suddenly became real streams.

We left here a word of support and encouragement for the most unlucky Goldnutrition and teams and another for the teams Aveisat, Efapel and AAC for the camaraderie and spirit of sacrifice they demonstrated.

The win of the Team All4X4 was unquestionable, as it was the team that validated more waypoints and close more strategies, despite a penalty of 50 points. Because of the this qualification was the one of the main candidates for win in the PTC.

The organization thanks to all participants for the spirit shown during the event, which was that who made of the event a huge success!


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