Portugal Tracking

Portugal Tracking is a tourist animation company officialy registered in Turismo de Portugal with RNAAT nº 1698/2017. Mainly dedicated to organize 4x4 guided expeditions in Portugal.

Our goal is seeking out the places that combine excellent off road driving adventure and fantastic holiday potential. Presenting to our customers the interior of Portugal and let them enjoy the amazing and rich nature and culture that we have there.

The tours that we propose were born after many years (sinde 1999) of travel throughout Portugal, Spain and Africa. This vast experience in the practice of driving 4x4 veihicles as well as in the organization of GPS Challenges and Cross Country events gave us the confidence to embrace this project.

Luís Ferreira - Managing Partner

Since Always a huge all-terrain lover.

With the reading of José Megre's first book he discovered that Africa and the desert would be his future.

Founding partner of Clube 4x4 Rodas in 1999, organizer of 4x4 tours in Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Mauritania. He has been a regular participant in navigation and endurance competitions in Africa since 2001 until today.

Usual traveller by jeep, automobile or even plane to any place that he thinks interesting to meet, namely:
Europe: Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Czech Republic.
Africa: Morocco, across all the Sahara desert, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Tunisia.
America: United States, Canada, Alaska, Peru and Chile.

Usual participant in off road events:

  • Lisbon-Dakar 2007 - 57th Overall
  • Lisbon-Dakar 2006 - 100th Overall


  • 24 Hours of Fronteira 2008
  • Rally TT PaxRally 2008 - Dakar Series
  • Rally TT Transibérico 2008
  • Rally TT Esporão Vintage 2008
  • Portuguese Cross- Country Championship 1995 and 1996


  • 11000 Kasbahs 2008 - 1st Overall
  • 1000 Kasbahs 2007 - 12th Overall
  • 1000 Kasbahs 2005 – 2º Overall
  • 1000 Kasbahs 2004 – 1º Overall
  • 1000 Kasbahs 2003 – 3º Overall
  • 1000 Kasbahs 2002 – 1º Overall


  • Tunisian Rose 2003 – 8º Overall
  • Tunisian Rose 2002 – 3º Overall
  • Tunisian Rose 2001 – 7º Overall
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