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2010 - PTC Trancoso

The Club TT Quebra Molas was in charge for the organization of fourth leg and 4x4 Rodas has also collaboreted.

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2010 - PTC Benedita

Vila da Benedita hosted the 3rd event of the Portugal Tracking Challenge. 26 teams participated in this great weekend of a GPS challenge.

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2010 - Africa Tracking

The event took place between 26th and 30th April, starting in Taroudant, ending at the magnificent Xaluca de Boumalne Dadès hotel, in order to visit scenarios less known by most of the competitors.

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2010 - PTC Penafiel

2010 - PTC Penafiel. 2nd round of the TT tournament Portugal Tracking Challenge.

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2010 - PTC Soure

The win of the Team All4X4 was unquestionable, as it was the team that validated more waypoints and close more strategies, despite a penalty of 50 points. Because of the this qualification was the one of the main candidates for win in the PTC.

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2009 - ATC Abrantes

Navigation race organized by 4x4 Rodas. The 15 teams enrolled in the Abrantes Tracking Challenge attended at 7:00 am on Saturday, November 14.

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2009 - Solidarity to Dakar

In addition to the goal of making participants aware of a different world this expedition had as its main objective to deliver an ambulance in Mauritania as well as distribute medicines.

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2009 - Africa Tracking

The first GPS event organized by Portuguese on Moroccan territory. All the participants greeted at the end the way 4x4 Rodas debut in the organization of events of a competitive nature.

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2008 – Tour Lousã Estrela

Cross Country tour between Lousã and Serra da Estrela in November 2008.

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2008 - Pax Rally

Participation in Pax Rally, race for the 2008 Dakar. This race started in the city of Lisbon and took place between 10 and 14 September 2008.

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