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2008 - Pax Rally

Participation in Pax Rally, race for the 2008 Dakar. This race started in the city of Lisbon and took place between 10 and 14 September 2008.

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2008 - Transiberico Rally

The international event to be counted for the world-wide all-terrain championship was very disputed, with a route in Portugal and Spain.

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2008 - TT Rally Serras Norte

Participation of the Team Ibertal Hugo Filipe 4x4 with Renato Machado / Carlos Gonçalves who debuted as a pair at the CNTT.

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2008 – Rally TT Esporão

Participation of Ibertal/ Hugo Filipe 4x4 team in the Esporão Cross Country 2008.

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2007 - Rally Lisbon Dakar

The death of Hugo Filipe, friend and mechanic of the team, made the participation of Luis Ferreira-Pedro Sereno 4x4 Rodas team, the most difficult of all the competitions in which this team has participated.

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2006 - Rally Lisbon Dakar

The objective was achieved! Complete the race with the 2 jeeps. Since June 2005, when we bought the two Defender 110 until the Podium in Lago Rosa in Dakar

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